AA Truths and Sayings

“This manner of living adds years to my life, AND it adds life to my years!”

“Pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth.”

“Happiness is appreciating what you have, not getting what you want.”

“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”

“Remember: It’s ok to look back but don’t stare. “

“Alcoholic drinking’s three stages: fun, fun with problems, and PROBLEMS.”

“Those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.”

“We can no longer be content with just getting by.”

“I spent a lifetime in hell and it only took me twelve steps to get to heaven.”

“Would you like to be right or happy?”

“When I came to recovery I realized that being a child for 28 years nearly killed me”

“We came to these rooms not because we drank a lot, but because we drank too much.”

“Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.”

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open. “

“Remember, don’t run so fast that your guardian angel can’t keep up”

“The longer I’m sober, the drunker I was.”

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