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Alternative Orthodoxy Rob Bell & Richard Rohr Here

== STEP WORK ===============================

Court Required Meeting Attendance Form PDF

Another Style of 4th Step Inventory PDF

4th Step Inventory Guide & Forms PDF

Steps 6 & 7 Exercise PDF

Prayers of AA (Super) DOC File PDF File

12 Step Work Book 54 page MS Word DOC







Complete set of recordings of Bob D while in San Antonio


How it worked, the story of Clarence M.S. PDF

12 & 12 (Full Text) As a Text File As a PDF File


Other Spiritual Tools Non AA

Steps-Toward-Inner-Peace-Peace-Pilgrim.pdf  A wonderful book for many in recovery.

Dark Night of the Soul As a Zip File

Recovery International Spotting Tools As a Zip File

Prophesy – Field of Dreams, by Rick Joyner Word Doc